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IMAP/ POP proxy

Does webwasher serve IMAP/ POP proxy requests? Suppose I want to link my email client to an email server with the proxy sitting in between; will that scenario be possible? 

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Re: IMAP/ POP proxy


in a transparent setup MWG will forward all ports which are not intercepted and redirected, so IMAP and POP traffic will be forwarded. However MWG is not capable of intercepting the traffic or filter those protocols.



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Re: IMAP/ POP proxy

Hi Andre,

Is there any way of passing these requests transparently in explicit proxy mode? i.e. Not treat these packets as HTTP or FTP but just pass them as such to mail server in their original format (IMAP)?



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Re: IMAP/ POP proxy

Is this for inbound access or outbound? that is, are internet using IMAP/POP to a server inside your network, or are internal users trying to get out to IMAP/POP servers on the internet?

For inbound, you could setup port forwarding to accept a TCP connection on the outside and forward to an IP on the inside.

For outbound to the internet, no. There is no method of telling the proxy which destination you are trying to get to, unless you map a TCP port from the inside and forward it to a single IP address on the internet. You will only be able to map one destination using this method.

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