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ICAP issue between

Observed the following error after a proactive scanning update, which caused an icap connectivity issue between the proxy and the webwasher.

[18/Aug/2010:12:16:52 +0000] child process exited  (termsignal=11).
[18/Aug/2010:12:16:52 +0000] restarting  ...
[18/Aug/2010:12:16:56 +0000] Secure Web Cache: Reinitializing cache  database.

CPU idletime spiked (from 95% to 0%).

Is the database re-initialized after every update or should the update be seemless without any disruptions?

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Re: ICAP issue between

Witch Version of MWG are you using. The first versions had a BUG in the ICAP implementation.

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Re: ICAP issue between


Thats interesting we got this Problem since this Monday.

We got 2 WG5500 Appl. with WG 6.8.7 (8378)

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