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ICAP filtering on media type

Hi I'm using the McAfee Web Gateway as my main scanner, however I'd like to sidecar our own product via ICAP so that our product only sees certain media types, such as office X, PDF, JPG.

In the "Mediat Type Filtering" Ruleset, I created a rule with "continue" that triggered on any one in a list of these file types.  I then created a sub-rule to that of "ICAP Client" (from the library), which I had hoped would do the trick - it didn't.

I then tried to create an event pointing at the ICAP machine, again it did not do what I expected. This was with either the ICAP-Client enabled or disabled.

However, if I disable the event, and move the ICAP-Client rule to the bottom of the Media Type Filtering group, I get all traffic (including types that I'm not interested in) passed to my device.

Any help on passing just the file types I'm interested in would be appreciated.



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Re: ICAP filtering on media type

Just to let everyone know that I worked it out.

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