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ICAP Client Ruleset

I know there was a sample ICAP client ruleset present somewhere here about half a year ago when we did a PoC of McAfee Web Gateway. Sadly I didn't store it anywhere for myself at that point and now I cannot find it anywhere here. Does anyone still have it lying around and can share?

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McAfee Employee

Re: ICAP Client Ruleset

Hi Toomas,

you have a rule set inside MWG's rule library in the UI. Add a new rule set, chose "from Library" find the ICAP section and pick the client rule set.



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Re: ICAP Client Ruleset

Hi Michael,

yep, the really rudimentary ICAP client rule is there but i remember there was a bot more elaborate ruleset present here somewhere.

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Level 15

Re: ICAP Client Ruleset

I don't recall seeing much other than the default rule sets for ICAP client.

Are you sure you're not confusing it with a rule set for ICAP server where a customer application is calling MWG to scan files? That one, i have.

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