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How to log username from SQL server

Hi, Team:

My customer like to have user name in their MWG access log. Users are authenticated by a work flow system, and user name plus client IP are saved in SQL server. Now MWG need to access SQL server and fetch username and IP information, then log username into access log according to the client IP.

Is it possible MWG can do this?  If yes, please post a rule. Thanks

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Re: How to log username from SQL server


MWG is capable talking to a PostgreSQL server. If you need to talk to a different database this will not work. The external list calls can be HTTP GET calls or LDAP queries. If the database is not Postgres but MySQL or MSSQL (or similar) you could create a script running on a webserver which queries the database, and call the script from within MWG or find our whether the work flow system allows access via HTTP GET calls or LDAP queries.