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How to generate a report that contains User Groups of the McAfee Web Gatewa from the ePO.

Good afternoon,

I have a query, according to Web Gateway reports, to track Active Directory groups through LOGS of the content security report from the ePO.

The connection status of LOGS from the MWG to the Content Security Reporter is correct and I can see LOGS in the ePO by means of consumption TOPs and Internet access, but what I do not see is information of the User Groups from the AD.

And the question that arises is: How could generate a report by USER GROUPS Active Directory from the ePO?

The Internet Navigation User Groups are the same groups that are in the Web Gateway Rule Set.

Thanks in advance.



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Re: How to generate a report that contains User Groups of the McAfee Web Gatewa from the ePO.

Hi Pedro,

Hope you are doing well.

How to add a directory Server for doing group based reports

Add the DC by clicking on:

  • Registered Servers


  • New Server


  • Select LDAP Server from the drop down list

 Enter the domain name and credentials

  • Click on “Test Connection” to check if everything was entered correctly


  • Under “Report Server Settings” click on “Directories” and verify that the directory you just added is displayed correctly


 Open the Logsource Setting by clicking -> Logsource -> Select the Logsource -> Actions -> Edit


  • Change the Tab to “Directories”



  • Build your Query by clicking on “Queries & Reports“


 Select “Content Security Reporter” from the Drop Downlist -> click on “Web Usage” and select the result type -> click “Next”


 Select the Chart Type. So how your query should be displayed -> click “Next”

  • On the left hand side select “User group list information”. Afterwards you can drag and drop it to the place where you want to have it displayed. -> Click on “run”


  • Select an entry on the result page (The view depends on your “chart type” selection)


  • Group information are displayed under group list



You can also take a look at CSR product guide for the same.



Alok Sarda


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