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How to define Web Upload Filtering on MWG 7


How to define Web Upload Filtering Rule in MWG 7 ?

I want to block uploads through FTP, HTTP, HTTPS  with specified size.

I tried below Rule but it is not working on my ruleset.


Please find attached my test ruleset and please guide me how to do that



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Re: How to define Web Upload Filtering on MWG 7

Hi Shiva,

I did not try your ruleset.

Just few comments based on what I see in the screenshot:

  • The action is "Continue". You probably want to change this to "Block"
  • The second rule checks for the RESPONSE-Header Content-Length. But you want to look at the REQUEST-Header as it is the POST request message you are interested in.
  • The first rule will never trigger because the condition at the rule set will only match for HTTP/HTTPS and POST/PUT but for FTP or MPUT.
  • Make sure the rule set is executed in the request cycle for POSTs. You may have this set but I cannot verify on the screenshot. I only mention because it is a typical error.

Usually it is a good strategy to create these kind of rules, step-by-step, e.g. first try to block ALL Post messages. When this works, block if the POST message has a Content-Length header. And in a third step add the condition to compare the header value against your 100MB constant.

Good luck.



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