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How to check health of MWG


Can anyone tell me how to check health of MWG both system and hardware?

On the machine, i saw warning (exclamation mark) led blinking and i don't know how to check it.

On dashboard, I often see warning "The listener on x.x.x.x:80 could not be started (Origin: Proxy, ID: 720,...)"

for your info, the version of my web gateway is



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Re: How to check health of MWG

This doesn't answer the question about the issue you are seeing about the listener not being able to start.   I can only think that two services are trying to bind to port 80, maybe something in the proxy settings need to configured differently.  Configuration -> Appliances -> Proxies.

However to check the health of your system, there is an article that goes over the options to monitor the health and alert when configured thresholds are met:

I hope that helps and best of luck!

Re: How to check health of MWG

Hello Jimmylawlz,

I've just tried incident notification ruleset and follow the guidance since yesterday but i have problem when apply the changes with error Parameter "list": Parameter is list "com.scur.type.regex.351" is missing.

Do i miss something?


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