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How to boot from USB / reimage from USB

Hi all,

This might be a very stupid question but Im unable to reimage / boot from a USB stick.

I have downloaded the latest .USB file ( 450 MB ).

I have copied the file into a USB stick.

Console on the appliance, change the boot priority order to USB - Flashdisk Drive.

Doesnt recognice the usb stick.

I have downloaded the .ISO file from the portal. ( 450 MB)

I have used ISO to USB software to make the USB bootable

I have plugged the usb stick on the appliance, modified the boot priority order, and doesnt recognize the OS aka the pendrive is not bootable.

On the product guide there is very little ( page 24 / 25 )

1 Connect the appliance to power and the network.

2 Connect a monitor and keyboard or a serial console to the appliance.

3 Insert the USB drive with the downloaded software.

4 Turn on the appliance.

If your model is not one of those specified:

• Press F11 to enter the Boot Manager.

• Select USB Drive.

The installation is completed.

Is there any tool we need to use to convert from .USB to Bootable ISO.

PS: The pendrive filesystem tested have been FAT and NTFS.

Any idea? Thank you.

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Re: How to boot from USB / reimage from USB

You can't just put the file on the USB stick, the file is an image and you need an image tool. On Windows I use USB Image Tool

If you are running Windows Vista are later you need to run it as Administrator.

So the steps would be:

Plug USB Stick in

Run USB Image Tool as Administrator

Click Restore and find your image file

Wait for it to run and then eject the USB stick as per normal.

When you run this the USB stick will be wiped and all data lost so take care to backup any thing you want.


Updated link

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Re: How to boot from USB / reimage from USB

Two things I would like to mention:-

1)Try to use Win32diskimager tool(or any other) to write the software which you downloaded to pendrive.U cant directly copy the software & use

2)If the server is not able to detect USB instead of soft reboot,do the hard reboot,it will surely detect

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Re: How to boot from USB / reimage from USB

I used rufus and it worked. Try rufus 2.2

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