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How to block Https Access with the rule "Youtube Restrict Access By Uploader"

Hi guys!

I'm using the McAfee Web Gateway and I wanted to block the https access by the rule "Restrict Access By Youtube Uploader", I caught the rule in the

So, I Followed the "Best Practices: Giving your SSL Client Context add" to interact with the SSL Connection, because I do not want to use the SSL Scanner Rule. When I use the address access with unauthorized uploader, blocking occurs by the rule correctly, but when using https access, blocking does not occur. The problem this specifically when I use the rule of "Restrict Access By Youtube Uploader" because I did a test using the blocking by category "Streaming Media" and it worked perfectly.

Then someone would have some idea of how to block access by https to the unauthorized uploaders?

Below my structure of rules and Annex the configuration backup.



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Re: How to block Https Access with the rule "Youtube Restrict Access By Uploader"


You need to do full SSL Content Inspection (decryption) for this to work as the rules use URL Parameter and Path properties which are only available inside the SSL tunnel. Setting the Client Context alone only allows for block pages. See for further information.


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