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How to Get trafic in my Web gateway reverse proxy

hi everyone

Please could someone help me to configure my web gateway in reverse proxy.

i can't reach my web server when i connect from internet with my public adress.

Can i have the detail (screenshot) of procedure to configure reverse proxy identic like on this example

1-get trafic into my  web gateway proxy port configuration

2-redirect all trafic http (80) to https (443)

3- prevent open proxy

4- redirect to my backend internal web server by https

This is my informations

a- My firewall internet gateway :

b- My McAfee Web Gateway adress ip eth0:

c- My local web sever adress:  port  8443

d- My public adress : X.X.X.X:8443

This configuration must permit me to join my  local web server when i use my public adress since internet  with the port of my web server like this: X.X.X.X:8443




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McAfee Employee aloksard
McAfee Employee
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Re: How to Get trafic in my Web gateway reverse proxy


Hope you are doing well.


Request you to refer below link for Reverse Proxy working and configuration:-



Alok Sarda



Re: How to Get trafic in my Web gateway reverse proxy

Hi Aloksard


I have already try to do it with the  example from ''' ''

But it does'nt work, no trafic, therefore i gave all details of my network (@ip) in order to have solution by configuring the rules set with these details.

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