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How identify traffic from MWG?

Hi togehter,

one of our MWG´s produce a lot of traffic but we cant identify what the system do. Anyone knows how we can identify what the system do?

Here is a screen of the Proxy who produce the traffic:

The traffic seems not to be at all the time. Last night the traffic goes down but day before traffic continues. Problem exists since tuesday this week:


Here ist the other one:



We took a look in the traces via Wireshark and have seen traffic from Web Gateway with a big download but the stream is crypted.

We think its the Filesystem usage and will make a Ticket:

2016-05-19 16_52_52-Proxy - Nachricht (HTML).jpg



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Re: How identify traffic from MWG?


Yes, please install McAfee Web Reporter then you can identify which computer/user account is responsible for it. All web traffic will be shown in reporter with great details of sites and bandwidth consumed.

Thank You!

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Re: How identify traffic from MWG?

Thx. Without Web Reporter or CSR you can see that in the Feedback-File "running-mwg-core.txt" or command "/opt/mwg/bin/mwg-core -S connections". Command or Feedback-File must create at time when traffic is there.