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How can I do a Policie with A

Hello All,

I have WebGateway 7.0.2 integrated with my Domain User and I want to know how can I do create a Policie with the next features:

If the user is logged into the Domain (AD) the user can navigate to internet. But isn't, the user can't. What I did was go to the Policy rules and create one into Global Block. The criteria is: Authenticated.IsAuthenticated equals false, block the connection (I attach the image that show it). The problem is that when making these settin7gs and save the changes, the rule does not work.

Any ideas? anyone has had experience creating this type of rules?


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Re: How can I do a Policie with A

You do not want to put this under the Global Block rule set.   Leave the Global Block for blocking web sites or user IP's.

Instead, you want to have a rule that authenticates ANYONE trying to get to the internet.  If they do not have a domain account, they cannot get to the internet. Use the rule Authenticate and Authorize.  Make sure it is before your URL Filtering ruleset.  This will make any request to a HTTP or HTTPS site have to be authenticated.  If not, the connection just gets dropped. 

I asume you are using NTLM Authentication and your Gateway is joined to the Domain.

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