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High number of HTTPS request


We have the following situation, in the last couple of days we see a rise in the number of HTTPS request received in the web gateway, but not the traffic of HTTPS.

This situation has generated tha the cpu is at 100%

Finally the users has experienced poor navigation. So how can i know what is generating this amount of https request to the web gateway. We have integrated Web reporter but the reports looks normal in comparison with previos dates. Also we are not doing HTTPS inspection.

Any help i'll be gratefull


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Re: High number of HTTPS request

You may need to look in the raw log files for authentication failures. These records will have a status code of 407 and are typically not imported into WR which is probably why WR isn't helping you.

We had a similar issue with a couple of versions of Chrome. Under certain conditions, Chrome would bombard the MWG with requests that weren't authenticated. It was so bad that the logs became very large and threatened to fill up the disk. Thank goodness for log compression! Not saying that Chrome is the culprit in your'll have to do some investigation and find who/what may be issuing requests that aren't authenticated.

Hope that helps,


Re: High number of HTTPS request

I second Mike's statement. We occasionally see situations where especially some Javascript code produces loops either for 407 or also for 403 responses. Sometimes we need to disable authentication for some sites or omit a block rule to get rid of this.


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