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High Utilization of internet Access for one month :Microsoft Groove

Dear All,

I have a query regarding web proxy 7.1 using web reporter 5.2.

Today when i generate monthly report and I was shocked after seeing that a category name interactive web application have almost 26500 GB of data utilized. after drilling down to find which site has been used the most and it was can anyone tell me if that is possible and is there any solution to fix this issue if in case it occurs.

Warm Regards


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Re: High Utilization of internet Access for one month :Microsoft Groove

Dear All some more information i would like to share while i was working on this. i found that it is because of Microsoft Sharepoint Workspace the URL is getting connected to. its a client server communication. All i want to know is why it is takin so much of bandwidth

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Re: High Utilization of internet Access for one month :Microsoft Groove


it seems that Microsoft Groove is an application to share documents with others (I actually have not worked with it). Because it is encrypted it may not be possible to look inside. Are you able to drill down to the users who have used the service?

Is it a platform that is widely used in your company?

I only see the following options:

- The traffic is legit and has been generated by sharing bigger documents between individuals.

- There is an issue on MWG causing it to re-upload or re-download a file in a loop. This will probably be hard to find out, I would recomment to check the access.logs for the last month first to see if there is something that looks strange or like unwanted traffic.

- The numbers are incorrectly calculated. Please verify that the amount of traffic was produced, for example by looking at statistics generated on a router or at the ISP site, just to make sure they are correct.

Can you find out whether the high bandwidth is still used or was this only happening last month?



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