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Hibrid solution redirect based on URL and/or on trafic type (HTTP, HTTPS, SFTP, ...)

I'm new into Mcafee Web Gateway. I have been asked to evaluate the faisability of Mcafee Web Gateway for my organization.

I have the following questions, if someone in this group could help.
We want to use a hybride solution between on premise and cloud service. I found after some research that it's possible to configure the MCP to redirect trafic to on premise or McAfee cloud service depending on the location of the user (on the netowrk lan, vpn, out of the compagy network).

1 - Is it possible to make that redirect depending on the destination (say if the usre want to access go to the cloud MWG, if go to the on premise proxies)?

I'm asking this question because we have some partners that have incoming firewall rules for us to use their service, given that the cloud solution will use a pool of IP adress that may change, we can't give him the IPs to whitelist. Our 1st thought was to redirect this request to an on premise prose that will have a static public IP.

2- If the quesition 1 isn't faisible, what do you advice to resolve this issue?

The MCP agent can catch only the HTTP/HTTPS trafic.

3- In a hibrid solution, is it possible to make it so all the HTTP/HTTPS trafic go to the MWG cloud service throught MCP, and all the rest (FTP, SFTP, etc) to the on premise solution?

4- If 3 isn't possible, given that we want to use SaaS solution for HTTP/HTPS, what do you advice to do for the rest.

Thanks in advence for the response/advice.

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