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Help with Webconference Webgateway 7.2

Hi people.

I'm having problem accessing the following web site conference:

Already removed all the rules and yet still webgateway failure occurring communication ports 80 and 443.

Webgateway (13,253).



on 8/3/12 5:01:28 PM CLT
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Re: Help with Webconference Webgateway 7.2

Hi Odilon,

It's important to keep in mind that the Web Gateway is an HTTP proxy. Therefore, it can not proxy RTMP traffic as it is a proprietary protocol that does not use valid HTTP.

Are you sure that that traffic is reaching the Web Gateway? Have you verified with a tcpdump? If you need assistance with verify this, I recommend opening a case with support and supplying the tpcdump.



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Re: Help with Webconference Webgateway 7.2

  • OK
  • Thanks Patric for your service in the call that was opened in 0800.
  • I will pass the information to the customer.
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Re: Help with Webconference Webgateway 7.2

This is entirely normal in a proxied environment, and furthermore that result I wouldn't think indicates that there'll be any issue with the web conference.  Depending on the back end for doing the video,  the player will often negotiate among all 3 ports and various flavors rtmp, rtmps, rtmpt, rtmpts  to find one that works and use that.  

RTMP in your environment appears to be supported outbound on its default 1935 port (which suggests you aren't doing egress filtering on that port at the firewall... which may or may not be your intention).   So, I don't see anything there that woudl inhibit a SANE conferencing solution from working.   However I've never seen that conference service before.

You may need to bypass SSL middling as well as gateway anti-malware to have a shot of that thing working though since though RTMPTS flows over port 443, it's not going to be terribly friendly to middling and scanning I imagine. 

Please share what support says though.

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