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Help with Block Page

Good afternoon,

We block social networking on one of our subnets. The problem is that the facebook plugins appear everywhere on so many different websites that the small space that is used for those plugins looks like the below.....


I was thinking of setting up a rule that displays a blank white page for those plugins... some of them are and etc etc

How would this rule look? What property would I use to look for those urls?

I tried just looking for the url and displaying the block page but nothing.

Any ideas?

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McAfee Employee

Re: Help with Block Page

Hi Mike,

you could do someting like:
If URL matches ** Block with Template FacebookPlugins.

FaceBookPlugins would need to be a telpate in a new Template collection with everything empty.


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Level 7

Re: Help with Block Page

Thanks Michael, I tried that and received the following error message.....


I think I am getting close..... I have a blank HTML page for the block page but still that error..... Any ideas?

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