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Handling Non AD Users


We have a Transparent web gateway setup which is solely used only to forward traffic to the NDLP via ICAP. In order to send mail notifications to the user we decided to authenticate users and then query their email address from the ldap server.

Everything seems to work fine as long as the user is logged in to the domain.

But now the issue is if the user is using a local account on a PC the gateway keepes prompting to authenticate and then if they don't it will deny access to the URL.

What i want to know is, is there a way to allow access to a users regardless if they authenticate or not?

to be more clear, I would like if they authenticate, but if they don't (they are using their local accounts) still they can browse the internet.

This same issue comes when some of the big guys try to access the net using IPADs.

Would be greatfull if someone could help

I have attached screenshots of the rule base. the last set querries the email address.


Thanks in advance


Rukmal Fernando

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Re: Handling Non AD Users


You're basically looking for 'try auth' but with the auth server. This should help:


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