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HTTP 500 JBoss error (Web reporter)


    We installed Webreporter version 5.2 on a Redhat Enteprise Linux 5.4 64-bit and it was working well. When we download the log files from the webgateway it was downloading until after 2 days the web reporter is not accessible and there is a HTTP status 500 JBoss error appearing when trying to access the web reporter. Please see the attached screenshot. Thank you.

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Re: HTTP 500 JBoss error (Web reporter)

Service crashed and needs to be restarted. I'd need to see your server.log history to know exactly what happened.

1) Try to stop the Web Reporter Server service normally. 

2) Double check that the service is stopped completely. process is called java.exe in the task manager and should be owned by the SYSTEM account.

3) Start Web Reporter.