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HSMAgent (server) uses default key. (Origin: Proxy, ID: 770)

I am seeing some errors in the McAfee Web Gateway console with the following verbiage:

HSMAgent (server) uses default key. Go to Configuration > Appliances > Hardware Security Module to replace it (Origin: Proxy, ID: 770)

I have combed Web Gateway documentation and cannot locate any details on this error by keyword or ID # (770).  I am not seeing this error on the other mwg's in the cluster and they are all configured the same.  The error occured only once last month but has occured 3 times in the past 5 days in this particular mwg.

Can anyone provide information on what this error means?


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Re: HSMAgent (server) uses default key. (Origin: Proxy, ID: 770)

That message simply means that MWG thinks a default CA/key is still being used in the HSM config for that appliance. I would check there first.

Once you are sure that no default CA/key pair is being used in the HSM config, you may need to look at restarting the hsmagent or other services to get MWG to 'recognize' it, but that shouldn't usually be the case. I can continue discussing this with you offline and you may consider opening an SR....

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