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GoTo Meeting issue in 7.1.6


Is anyone aware about the issue of gotomeeting in web washer 7.1.6, is there a seperate rule set created in order to get it work, as of now it is working for me... i have assigned a AVonly policy with IP based and it works fine but if i have to give it for user or group i cannot allow all of them. so kindly let me know a best possible solution for this issue.



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Re: GoTo Meeting issue in 7.1.6


there are many reasons why gotomeeting may fail when MWG is used in the environment. As far as I know it does not work with SSL Scanner enabled (because it ensures that the SSL connection between client and server has not been intercepted) or authentication.

There is an example ruleset in the online rule set library at . I was able to allow a test meeting by allowing the destination IPs. It should generally allow you access. You can try to add a user/group criteria to the rules from the library to verify if it works, but as mentioned as far as I know gotomeeting can cause problems when used with authentication.

In that case I recommend filing an SR with support to have them check your options.



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