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Global Whitelist and subsequent rules

Came across this the other day when an associate worked a case with McAfee Support.

A website was already in the "Global Whitelist" ruleset.  Support had us add a rule in the ruleset just above the Whitelist rule (Action - Stop Cycle) for the same site but for Connection Timeout - extending it.

My question is - if a site is whitelisted, do connection timeouts still come into play?  I never thought about this before and it raises a bunch of questions on how to actually get the Web Gateway out of the picture when trying to bypass a site.  What other settings can still be in play even though you have whitelisted a site?

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Re: Global Whitelist and subsequent rules

You have asked a good question, but if the traffic is going through the Web Gateway, then the gateway is never truely "out of the way".  Things like network timeouts, and relying services like DNS are always going to matter.

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