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Forward proxy

We have a cloud app that has a max limitation on network ACL's the provide will allow which IDEXX exceeds in total worldwide locations. I'd like to implement a forward proxy using an internal SWG device. Similar to Apache's passproxy feature.  Is there a way to create a IP/listener on the SWG, which we will create an internal DNS record for, and a policy to forward proxy all that traffic to the cloud site.

For example:\* (will resolve to the SWG) which i'll need the SWG to forward proxy to\*

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


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Re: Forward proxy


this sounds like a reverse proxy deployment. You can tell MWG to listen on some IP and Port as a reverse proxy (it will behave like a web server). Whenever a request comes in MWG can forward that request to the original target web server.

In the online rule set library there is a simple reverse proxy example, maybe you want to check and see if this is what you would like to achieve.

Rather than using an internal DNS name like I would - if possible - configure the companys DNS to resolve to the IP address of MWG. This resolves some potential issues with absolute URLs and absolute Redirects.



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