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File Counter for Scanning Process with Progess Page

Hello Everyone,

i was thinking about information enrichment of the Progress Page and was wondering myself, if it would be possible to implement a simple numeric File-Counter for the Scanning Progress of the Progess-Page while scanning archives.

Has anyone an idea how to do that?


Sometimes users are asking me, why the progress of downloading a file takes ages. Then i take a look at the file and its an archive with tenthousands of members. Or its very complex.

Currently i am not willing to skip scanning of big files, or if the scan-progress takes long time. Its more that i would like to give more Information to the User to understand better.

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McAfee Employee smasnizk
McAfee Employee
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Re: File Counter for Scanning Process with Progess Page

Progress for scanning process isn't implemented jet, as far i know. You can submit us a Product Idea formally know as Product Enhancement Request:


Re: File Counter for Scanning Process with Progess Page

I thought so already, but i was hoping that anyone knows some trick to get that informations.

But thank you for your reply, i will open a Request to implement this.

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