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FTP through webgateway help


We are using McAfee Webgateway 6.8.7. Within the FTP proxy we have turned authentication to our AD on globally. We would like to be able to allow certain devices on our network(identifiable by a static IP) access to use Web Gateway for FTP proxy without authentication while ensuring every other user still has to authenticate.

We currently do this for the http proxy. In 'Web Mapping Methods' we have configured a direct IP mapping and so devices in this list do not need to authenticate when using http traffic through Web Gateway. Having read a few documents it has suggested that these mappings should apply to http, https and ftp but they don't seem to do and a machine in this list is still required to authenticate when using FTP.

Any suggestions or advice would be greatly appreciated


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McAfee Employee

Re: FTP through webgateway help


in the 6 version FTP will alway be interceptive and ask for authentication and will also always use the one specified.



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