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FTP does not work with external FTP-Server that only supports activ FTP


I have a problem wit a ftp connection over the MWG with following Setup:

internal client using Total Commander 8.0  ---> Firewall -->   MWG 7.2 FTP-Proxy listening to port 21 for ftp connections ---> Firewall ---> FTP-Server internet

The MWG FTP-Proxy is behind a Firewall GW in the DMZ. When capturing the traffic I am getting the following output:


After authentication the MWG send a PASV  request but the destination FTP-Server does not support PASV. The Servers answer is "no available PASV Ports". Then the MWG answer with a FIN,ACK and interrupt the connection.  When I try to connect to the FTP Server via DSL all works fine with same error message "no available PASV Ports", but after the error message the connection is established via activ ftp.


1. Is MWG not able to use activ FTP instead of passiv FTP?

2. Why the MWG send the FIN,ACK?

3. Is it possibel to enforce active ftp using by MWG?

Every hint is helpful.

thanks Dominique

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Level 7

Re: FTP does not work with external FTP-Server that only supports activ FTP

I have fixed the issue. There is a Option you need to enforce the proxy using the same settings from client for activ or passiv mode. The option is listed under "configuration --> Proxies HTTP(s) FTP ICAP and IM --> FTP Proxy --> Listerner --> activate "McAfee Web Gateway uses same mode (activ/passiv) as client does".


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