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Empty /etc/hosts file

We occasionally experiece an annoying situation where the contents on /etc/hosts is removed from the applaine - this I assume is a result from our locally configured hosts file been over-written with a default version.

The hosts file contains local Windows Domain Controller IP info, and when this event occurs, all NTLM authentication activities stop within a few minutes of incident.

Currently using version 7.3, but this event has occurred with previous versions in the past.

Typically not all appliances in our clusters are affected, but interestingly this time all our physical appliances were affected ( a majority of appliances are Virtual ).

Whereas the resolution is simple ( copy current hosts file to affected appliance ), I am wondering if any of my fellow WebGateway Admins have experienced the same problem.

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Re: Empty /etc/hosts file

How are you editing the file?

If you are editing it directly at the command line, this would be the expected behavior.

The proper way to edit the file is in the GUI.  Go to the Configuration tab, then the File Editor tab, and select an appropriate host name from the list of appliances in the cluster.  Below the host name you should see a list of files, select the 'hosts' file.  This will display the contents of the file, and is the proper place to do the editing.


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