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Email.Send() question.

I would like to change the importance of an email to be high or urgent,  This is how we are able to alert when something is marked is high importance.  Is there a way to add some headers to the emails generated from the WebGateway?  Basically in the header of the email I need to add the following line:

Importance: 1

Thank you,


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Level 17

Re: Email.Send() question.

Hi Brian,

in the current version the sending of emails is very simple. You cannot add custom headers.

You should follow the process described here to raise awareness:

For the moment you could add a keyword or similar to the subject, and create a rule in your eMail client that flags an email as important if the keyword is present in the subject. If you are sending notifications to a small group of users this may be suitable and better than not having the flag set at all.



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