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Email Gateway - Static Routes done by DNS

Hey All,

We currently have 2 ironmail boxes, v6.7.1, setup with static routes configured for mail.

While configuring the new 7.x email gateways I've spotted this is now done by DNS which is a bit of an issue for us as not everything in our mail routes is in DNS, and wont be for the forseeable future.

Currently the mode is set to a stantard bridged mode, but I've been looking over transparent bridged mode and the 3rd mode (explicit proxy?) and the function doesn't seem to come under that either as far as I can see.

Was hoping there might be some people out there who have a similar setup and may of already come across these challenges before?

Kind Regards

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Re: Email Gateway - Static Routes done by DNS

The mail can still be configured to route via static IP entries.  The backend of the system does use a DNS server, but that is separate from the DNS severs that run on your network.  The configuration allows for entering whatever information is needed for your environment.

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