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[Edit]User-Agent Not Present

Thought this was just for vimeo, but seeing it other places too, facebook being one.  Sometimes it happens, sometimes not....

I have this strange (to me) issue where when going to plain the WGW never sees the user-agent.  I have a top level rule for testing and the request User-Agent comes back blank.  However, I can switch to another tab (or in the same tab) and go to any other site, and the User-Agent shows up to the WGW.  Am I missing something?

The background for this is for authentication, for Time Based IP using NTLM, we want users to be able to use integrated auth, so they dont have to do anything to authenticate, and for other browsers than *MSIE* we are going to use other methods.  Thus, for my auth rule for NTLM (standard authentication server auth rule from mcafee's expanded default ruleset) I restrict the rule running to the user-agent matching *msie*, which is working fine, except at vimeo.  What is really strange is works.  If there is a better way to restrict the rule to avoid this issue, I am open to that too.

Also, I thought time/ip auth saved your authentication for a period of x that you defined?

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Re: [Edit]User-Agent Not Present

It is important to understand that the user-agent isnt always present.

For example in transparent setups, it will not be present for HTTPS requests (because that information will be encrypted). I suspect your issue only exists for HTTPS, not for HTTP.

Check out my auth guide for "ideal conditions":

Perhaps you can use this to authenticate users for a longer interval, but re-authenticate users more often if they support it.