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Dynamic Content Classifier


I've been evaluating the DCC on 7.4. I've created a rule on my test proxy that sits at the top of the rule list and logs every site that DCC detects so I can see when there are false positives. Having a look through this log I've found a few websites that it is detecting but should not be, and also some that it is not detecting but, IMO, should.

DCC False Positives

DCC Fail

Whilst I know they all could be reported to Trusted Source for site categorization I would like to know what the best way to report issues with DCC is. This is a feature I would like to use as it gives much more complete blocking of Proxy Anonymizers (more of a problem when working with schools than in a corporate environment) however I would like to be able to ensure we do not get too many sites blocked that we would normally allow.



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Re: Dynamic Content Classifier

Thanks for reporting those sites, Trishoar!

I escalated your findings to sites<at>

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