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Domain Controller failover/priority

After joining the appliance to a domain you can configure the "Configuration...Windows Domain Membership" with a comma separated list of DCs.  Does anyone have any more information on how MWG uses that list?  Is it failover on error or only timeout?  Load balanced across them?   Also is there supposed to be a space after the comma or not?

  Erik/Mike any idea if McAfee is working on increasing the amount and quality of the documentation of the 7.x product guide.  These seem like really basic config questions that any userguide/product guide should answer.  If I'm over looking docs beyond the "wg_70_pg_product_7002514A00_en-us.pdf" please feel free to RTFM me to them, as I'm still in the pilot I have no grant number.



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Re: Domain Controller failover/priority

Hi Scott,

RTFP - read this friendly post

In the base setup you are specifying a domain, for which you enter the DCs serving this single domain.


In the input field Configured Domain Controllers, specify one or more domain controllers. This should be done by typing their dns names.

IP addresses may also be used here, but this could in some cases lead to problems with correctly assigning users to their domains. This means that a user would have to submit a domain name together with the usual credentials in order to be authenticated.

When  specifying more than one  controller, separate entries by commas. Note  also that any host name you specify here must be resolvable.

Note, furthermore, that McAfee Web Gateway will connect only to one  domain controller at a time. If more than one  controller is  configured, McAfee Web Gateway will try to connect to the first in the  list, and in case this one is down, go through the list  retrying until a   connection has been established successfully.

Alternatively in case MWG is using a DNS infrastructure which is based on Windows Domains, you can leave the filed die DCs blank and just let MWG read the SRV records in DNS (it tries that when the DC field is blank)



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Re: Domain Controller failover/priority

Thanks Michael,

I tried to remove the currently configured domain controllers and I got a "HandleGUIRequest: too few parameters..." on the semi-production proxy

So I tried recreating the domain join on a test machine and it does not allow me to have null for configured Domain Controllers either giving me "java.lan.NullPointerException" when I try to save.  My AD admin would prefer for the proxy to use SRV records to get the Domain Controllers to contact as opposed to hardcoded list.  Would you perhaps know how to setup AD membership without putting the Configured Domain Controllers in the comma separated list?

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Re: Domain Controller failover/priority

That's odd.

I don't enter my DCs explicity and always use the SRV records on mine and it doesn't give me an error.

Make sure that your DNS server has proper forward and reverse entries so AD can lookup the gateway.

I also make sure my gateway has the search entry in resolv.conf so it can lookup host names in my domain too:

file editor -> /etc/resolv.conf

search domain.local

I would try removing / joining the domain again. Just use the Overwrite existing account checkmark.

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Re: Domain Controller failover/priority

Oh so in the McAfee Linux 1.0 we can adjust the conf files in the OS as long as it's outside the ###  marks?  That was confusing for me as I thought anything in those files was overwritten when the McAfee service started up.  It looks like you put your resolv.conf settings outside the comments so it will survive a reboot?

It very well could be an issue with DNS as it's the test box in the test lab yadda yadda.  The the other is now "prod" so I don't have the pwd to disjoin and rejoin, and have to wait till after hours and such.  I'll keep messing around with it.

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