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Does Web Gateway 6.9.1 build 12571 support VMWare View access?

We have an VMWare view setup in our environment to connect to another domain we have here internally but every time someone attempts to log in with VMWare view if give the error "The view connection server authentication failed. Could not connect through the proxy server "Our IP for Web Washer" to server. We have added the domain to the default and all sub proxies, the HTTPS proxy and the proxy.pac file and nothing seems to work. We have used the IP and FQDN with no luck...however when we bypass Web Washer completely it works fine.

Thank you!!

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Re: Does Web Gateway 6.9.1 build 12571 support VMWare View access?


most likely you will have to whitelist the requests in some way from MWG. I assume VMware View is not speaking plain HTTPS but embeds some protocol which MWG won't understand. Additionally the error message claims authentication failed, so if may be that the VMware View application does not understand when the proxy asks for authentication.

I would look at the access.log and check what URLs are requests and place an whitelist entry for SSL Scanner or an ICAP Bypass for the URLs requested to make the application run through MWG.



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