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Level 7

Do the conditions exist?

Hi eweryone!
I'm new on here and i have a question.

Can i do something like this:
if page have status 'B'
     return for client http status 200
     return 404

When i can, please tell me how because i was search in internet but nothing find

Best regards!

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McAfee Employee

Re: Do the conditions exist?


I dont quite understand what the first IF statement represents ("page have status B"), but MWG has an event called Set.HTTPStatus("XXX"). You can fill in the HTTP status code you desire.

Best Regards,


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Level 7

Re: Do the conditions exist?

Thank Jon for answer, Set.HTTPStatus() looks good.
I have one more question. Can ICAPClient control http status based on ICAPServer values?

If ICAPServer returned value = 10 how ICAPClient can send http status = 200? Maybe exist manual how's step by step show how can do this?

Best Regards

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