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Data Trickling - MWG 6.8.7 Build 8378

IE does not show "Save as" dialog untill download is completed by MWG. When downloading large files this takes a long time and users think the download does not work and cancel.

Other browsers (Firefox, Opera) show the "Save as" dialog much earlier, when MWG is still downloading in background.

For example when downloading this file from HP-Server:

Configuration of MWG 6.8.7:

Start progress indication after 5 seconds

Progress Pages are disabled.

Data Trickling is enabled.
Size of first forwarded chunk: 4096 bytes
Forward 512 bytes for every 1024 KBs received.
Continue trickling during filtering: Enabled
Ensure trickling during filtering archives bigger than 2000KB: Enabled

Using a packet sniffer on client we can see data trickling works and MWG sends data to the client browser.

Does anyone know if this behavior is normal with IE? We tried with IE7 and IE8 with the same result.

on 08.11.10 09:28:09 MEZ
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Re: Data Trickling - MWG 6.8.7 Build 8378

Hello, is here no one running same version MWG 6.8.7 / 8378 and can just try the posted donwload link with IE7 / IE8 and post the result?

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Re: Data Trickling - MWG 6.8.7 Build 8378

We found the solution in our own environment.

We are using Sophos antivirus. Sophos installed the IE Add-On ""Sophos Web Content Scanner".

When deactivating this Add-On the "Save as..." dialog appears immediately.

on 23.11.10 14:31:16 MEZ
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