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Daily error stating updated CRLs for certificate chain filter can not be loaded

We recently installed and are trialing a MWG appliance running v7.1.0.  We've noticed we get a daily error displayed in the Dashboard Alerts stating:

"1 of the recently updated CRLs for the certificate chain filter can not be loaded (Origin: Certificate chain filter).

I posed this issue to our assigned sales guy, who hasn't been able to hook me up directly with an SE, but is attempting to get us answers from whoever he can find available.  The response we got back on this was:

"Reload the certificate list from the manualupdates.  First grab the offending cert and delete it."

Anyone know how to a) identify the offending cert, b) delete it, or c) reload the certificate list from manual updates?  Or point me to documentation that might give instructions on these activities?


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