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DRAC setup

Does anyone have the instructions on how to setup the DRAC on the appliances? 

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Re: DRAC setup

not well docuemented but I found this...hope it helps others. 

default username:  root

default password:     calvin

  • Log on to the Appliance Management Console.
  • Navigate to System, Appliance Management, Remote Access, Remote Access Card.
  • Configure the settings below:

    • IP Source: [Static]
    • IP address: (IP Address)
    • Subnet mask: (Subnet mask)
    • Gateway IP: (Default Gateway)

  • Apply the configuration changes.
  • Reboot the Appliance.
  • During the POST, press F2 to enter the BIOS settings.
  • Select Server Management, BMC LAN Configuration.
  • In the Intel RMM3 LAN configuration section, configure the settings below:

    • User Configuration
    • User ID: (Select a user account to enable)
    • Privilege: Admin
    • User Status: Enable
    • User Password: (Password of the user)

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Level 17

Re: DRAC setup

Hi Carlos,

thank you for letting us know. I have forwarded your comments to the documentations team and suggested to put more details about the DRAC configuration into the guides.



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