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Customize MWG logs (v7.6.2)


I am new to MWG, but I need some help. I would like to customize my MWG logs. (v.7.6.2)

How do I put mime-type (like Media Type) and different port information in my logs? What are the key-words?

(Log Handler >> Edit Rule >> Events >> Edit Set Property >> ??? )

Thank you,

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Re: Customize MWG logs (v7.6.2)

Managed to display the ports in the log files...  but i still need the "display mime-type keywords" (someone please? )

(basic) Ports keywords in Log handler / Log editor:


String.ReplaceIfEquals (Number.ToString (URL.Port), ",", "-")


Re: Customize MWG logs (v7.6.2)

Have you looked through the document?

Not quite sure what you are calling keywords, but is think you mean properties.

Have you looked through the properties of any of the existing log files?

The default log files have mime-type, but they are referred to as MediaType:



Re: Customize MWG logs (v7.6.2)


Can I set logs for one user because I am facing account lockout issue

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