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Creating separate Rules/ URL filtering for specific group


Dear Friends,

I have scenario:

There is a group (in AD) called “IT” on which we want nothing to be blocked, everything is allowed.

There is a group (in AD) called  “Finance” on which we want to block “Social Networking” but want to enable in Lunch Time.

What i have done so far with no Luck, you may see in attached picture.

1- When user wants Internet, this should be authenticate. (i have configured that)

2- When user put credentials then according to specified policy in specific group (where this user is located) should be apply.

How may i achieve that?

Thank You!

Best Regards,

Yours Sincerely,
Syed Irfan Naseer
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Re: Creating separate Rules/ URL filtering for specific group

I wrote about some methods to accomplish this here:

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