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Creating a customized warn page for a particular category

I was wondering if someone could assist me in creating a customized warn page for one of categories that is currently set to a coach ( warn) mode versse a block mode. It seems that there is only one html file on the webwasher to display the coaching page so I am not sure how I could go about creating a customized coach page for a particular category. If you have any insights on this or have done this for your organization, please share your ideas

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Re: Creating a customized warn page for a particular category

I am assuming you are using version 6.8.x.

Let's say you want to have a different coaching page for webmail.

The general steps are:

  • Use the Action Editor and duplicate the Coaching action to a new name like Coaching-WebMail
  • Edit the action and change the Warning Template parameter to a different name. The current name is "coaching" which is the coaching.html file.
    • For example, change the name to "coachingwebmail"
  • Copy the coaching.html page to coachingwebmail.html, or create a new one.
  • Make sure the linux permissions are correct with chown wwasher:wwasher coachingwebmail.html
  • In the Web Mail Category, select the new action on the list called Coaching-WebMail

You need to reload the templates into memory, so either restart the service, reboot, or SSH to port 9092, use a GUI login ID, and >`reload templates`

The new coachingwebmail.html page should now be active.

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