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Could not connect to server

Hi there,

I have an issue where a user cannot access a client's website and they are using McAfee's web gateway product. They are getting a "Cound not connect to server" message - see attached. The website is hosted at dreamhost and is using cloudflare. The url giving the error is:

There is no connectivity issues that I am aware of, the site is monitored and has near 100% uptime.

I have no knowledge of McAfee's web gateway product - any suggestions?

Many thanks

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Re: Could not connect to server


I tried to access the URL through MWG and access is working fine. The error message is pretty generic and simply means that MWG was not able to talk to the web server. It could be a network problem (firewall issue), a DNS related issue, a configuration issue within MWG (wrong next hop proxy, ...), etc.

If you don't have knowledge of the MWG product but network knowledge and know how to troubleshoot networking related problems I recommend to start a packet capture (tcpdump) on MWG and try again. Then look at the packet capture and see if DNS resolved correctly and MWG is able to talk to the remote server.

Otherwise I recommend to file an SR with support.



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Re: Could not connect to server

Thanks Andre, I will pass this info on.

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