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Configuring Webgate way with Mcafee DLP prevent

Hi all,

New to Web gateway. I am currently deploying a webgateway to integrate with Mcafee DLP prevent. After configuring the ICAP. I am not able to see any traffic send through ICAP to the DLP prevent. Doing a TCPdump on the DLP prevent i can see traffic is being communicated between the 2 appliances. Thats all much about it. Any ideas or a properly guide to test?

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Re: Configuring Webgate way with Mcafee DLP prevent

If the MWG were not able to talk to the Prevent you would get block pages stating ICAP errors as you browse the web.

I find it useful to set up a simple rule on Prevent to block an obscure word or phrase, and then submit that phrase in web forms to see it be blocked.

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