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Configure Web Gateway

I have been working with MWG for a few months and it has be working fine for the way we have it deployed but I have a question.

I have MWG configured in reverse proxy and I have to move our performance servers to a new network so the source address from where they are coming from will change,

I have a policy on MWG that handles request sourcing from the current address working fine, I need to have MWG handle requests that will source from a new address handle this

and the old address. It is a very simple policy and it works but now I need to have the new source address access the same website and allow the existing source to continue accessing the same website.

What do I need to do on M\WG to achieve this from a policy standpoint. here is and overview of the current policy:

Using URL rewrite rules and we don't use DNS because of the security requirements we use the host file on MWG to resolve the destination IP addr to the website request.

here is a high level of what I have

src_address allow http dest_address ---current

src_address allow http dest_address --- new

Can I do this with adding a rewrite rule to handel the request from the new source and keep the current source address working as well because I will have resources making request from both.

Would greatly appreciate any suggestions.

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