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Concession Process Question


I am currently considering how we currently concession people here. At the moment it is all a very manual process. To avoid people moving teams and still getting access to sites they no longer require I want to start enforcing that people re-apply for concessions after a set period of time.

I want to be able to notify them that they are due to expire when a certain threshold is met. I have been considering using a coaching page for this where it will pop up a couple of weeks before the expiry date and tell them to re-apply.

I then realized that I would run into a problem because if user1 has a concession for 6 months and user2 has a concession to the same site for 12 months then I have to start creating lots of different rules to allow the same site. Even worse is when user3 comes along in month 4 and asks for the same concession I then create more rules that expire at different times.

So my question is has anyone come up with an elegant way of allowing users to access sites for a determined period of time and then alert them when that time is about to expire?

Thanks in advance.

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