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Composite Opener - supported media types

Hello guys,

can anybody tell me what media-types are supported by composite opener? I'm using it together with DLP functionality in MWG 7.2 but in some media-types it doesn't work.

For example MS Office Documents works fine but there is a problem with PDF.

When I'm trying pdf files, MWG tell me:

MediaType.IsCompositeObject = true

Body.IsSupportedByOpener = false

MediaType.HasOpener = true

Thank you in advance


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Re: Composite Opener - supported media types

Hello Petr

we have some problems with PDF files, can you provide us examples, so we could check what is wrong?

In 7.2 we support opening of following file formats:


  • 7z (both LZMA & XZ)
  • Arj
  • Bzip2
  • Mac BinHex
  • Unix archive (.a/.deb)
  • CPIO
  • Gzip
  • Zip (Deflate, Deflate64, LZMA, Bzip2)
  • UUE
  • Tar
  • LZMA
  • XZ
  • MS Compress
  • MS Cabinet files (.cab)
  • Zoo
  • Rar
  • OLE-based archives - .msi, .msp, etc.
  • ISO9660 (.iso) disk images


  • MS Word 1997-2003
  • MS Excel 1997-2003
  • MS PowerPoint 1997-2003
  • MS Office 2007 & above
  • Open Document Format (OpenOffice)
  • MS WordML 2003
  • MS ExcelML 2003
  • MS Visio XML
  • Generic XML (including detection of base64 blocks and their extraction)
  • PDF (with some limitations)
  • HTML Text extraction
  • Apple iWork
  • Plain Text (with automatic encoding detection)
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    Re: Composite Opener - supported media types

    Great, thank you.

    Here is mentioned pdf file:

    Thank you for analysis.

    Best regards


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    Re: Composite Opener - supported media types

    Yes, this is known bug - we're working on fixing it

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