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Coaching: "wrong filter to activate session"

I have had a ruleset that enables coaching for URL with medium risk working for a few weeks now.

On Friday, it stopped working. I had made other changes that were unrelated.

Every time a user visits a site for which the coaching ruleset applies, an error is recorded in /opt/mwg/mwg-errors/mwg-core.error.log that says:

[com.scur.engine.proxy] [ErrorDuringOperation] 'CPluginEventHandler::Constructor': Error while 'handling' the 'plugin event'. Reason: 'Wrong filter to activate session!'.

What the user experiences is that they are presented with the coaching screen, but when the click the "Yes, I wish to continue the session!" button, they see the coaching screen again. The error above is logged each time they click the button.

I have delete the rulesets, associated settings, and recreated them but the error persists. I've reloaded my old configuration but the problem persists.

I'm stumped as to how to diagnose this problem.

Fortunately, this is on a test system so it doesn't impact any users.

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