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Coaching by user with 5 maximum access to the website

Dear McAfee fellows,

I would like to create a specific RuleSet for Coaching user by username (defined by authentication) when a website is "non categorized".
The rule I’d like to create is: “Users have the right to access uncategorized websites 5 times per week. Any other visit must be blocked.

The process must be :

When a website is detected as "non categorized" : go to warning page with a button to continue
User have the right to navigate during the whole session with no time restrictionVisitors shall not receive any warning page for visiting again the same page If the user goes more than 5 times per week on the same uncategorized website, the website must be blocked for one week for this user.

I created a coaching ruleset by user session for uncategorized website, but I dont know how to define a "token" for the 5 times access (and not a volume quota or time quota).

Can you help me to create a proper ruleset for my problem ?

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