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Client Proxy Bypass Question

Hello all. My company mandated that Skype For Business (lync.exe) be allowed to bypass the MWG proxy so I did just that, I went to the policy inside ePO and added an application list to be bypassed inclusive of lync.exe and UcMapi.exe

Skype for Biz Process List -  Bypass.JPG

However after checking a Microsft Message Analyzer trace, I'm seeing where lync.exe makes a connection to MWG's proxy port. 

lync still hitting mwg port_2.PNG


Why does this happen? I thought the bypass would make all traffic generated by the application ignored by the proxy.

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McAfee Employee tpollok
McAfee Employee
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Re: Client Proxy Bypass Question

Hi @kbolt,


normaly it should work with the configuration you did. In this case MCP should not send traffic from this process to the Web Gateway.

The only thing I can imagin is that the list "Skype For Business" is not used in the policy or the policy is not up to date on the client.


You can check this by reviewing the revision ID on the ePO and on the client.

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Re: Client Proxy Bypass Question

Thank you for your quick reply and I apologise for my late one. I had checked the policy revision number and everything matched up. I did get sidetracked on another mission so I'll be comoco back to this today. I'll update you shortly.

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