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Changes to STP between WG7.1.0.4 and

Have 2 appliances setup in Transparent Bridge with STP, (on same subnet, obviously).

STP is turned off on the switches to which the WG are connected, so that only the WG are negotiating STP. (Was done that way to prevent STP incompatibility we have had in the past between other McAfee devices (EWS for example) and the cisco switches we are running)

One of them runs v7.1.0.4 and the other runs v7.2.0.1 (I'm in the process of updating both)

The minute I finished updating the first one to, I started getting weird STP behavior between the 2 WG, where one of them would report:

"ETH0: received packet with  own address as source address"

Also, the broadcast on the subnet went WAY up thus slowing down web browsing when going through the WG. (I guess this was from constant STP negotiation...?)   

This went on for as long as the v7.1.0.4 appliance was updated to v7.2.0.1 (to match the first one that was updated a couple of hours before)

Wondering if there was any changes to STP implementation between the 2 versions?


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